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Food for Thought is an online only publication that is sent to over 4,500 Shareholders and Shoppers on the 1st and 15th of every month.  Click here to sign up for FREE E-Newsletter). We welcome you to visit the Shareholder Benefits page and consider joining the Co-op as a Shareholder owner.


Producer of the Month July 2022, Yalla Foods

July 2022 Producer of the Month, Yalla Foods. Click to read article.

August 2022 Producer of the Month, Misty Knoll Farms. Click to read article.

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Food For Thought is our Co-op’s newsletter in which we proudly feature local producers — farmers, herbalists, food vendors, and artisans. Supporting the local economy is of extreme importance to us and is vital to our co-operatively owned business. You will also enjoy articles from our General Manager and Board of Directors. We also feature NEW products, recipes, and highlight local organizations.